Secure Your Dream Retirement in Paradise: Discover How Our Expert Legal Guidance Can Make Obtaining Your Panama Pensionado Visa Seamless and Stress-Free

Living and Retiring in Panama

Discover the charm of Panama, where unparalleled natural beauty meets modern conveniences, making it the perfect retirement destination for those seeking a blend of adventure and tranquility.

Who We Are

We are Miranda & Contreras, a law firm based in Panama.

At M&C, we're all about making your Pensionado Visa process smooth and transparent. We take pride in doing things right, with a big heart for social responsibility and ethical practices. Our approach is built on trust and a solid reputation, ensuring you feel secure and supported as you plan for retirement. Let's make your dream retirement a reality, together!

Lourdes Miranda

Director - Partner

Juan Contreras

Director - Partner

Frequenly Asked Questions


Yes, our office has charismatic bilingual assistants who are delighted to help you with every step of the process.

Not at all. Our office makes sure everything is prepared in advance so that your visits to immigration are rather a pleasant experience, a moment to share with us and the agents at the immigration office.

We have a 100% process success, and we have never received a denial on our Pensionado visa process. The success of our service is a cautious review of your document’s prior application and having the know-how to ensure the application will meet the standards required by law and in practice; hence, our office offers a 100% guaranteed service, which means that once we accept your representation, we will obtain your visa approval or refund you in full.

We will provide a personalized quote for the first and second application that attends to your particular needs. Our prices are competitive and include all expenses necessary to obtain the visa, therefore, there will be no surprises.

Our service is not limited to filing your visa application. We consider it essential to assist you from the moment you obtain the documents in your country until you receive your provisional and permanent resident card and to accompany you closely at each stage of the process.


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