Buying or selling property? Let our law firm handle the headaches, making your real estate journey in Panama smooth and stress-free.

Easy Real Estate Deals in Panama

Diving into Panama's real estate scene is thrilling but can also feel overwhelming. Dreaming of owning a beachfront villa or a snug apartment in the city? Or maybe you're looking to sell your lovely home? It's a journey full of twists and legal details. But don't worry, that's exactly why we're here for you.

Who We Are

We are Miranda & Contreras, a law firm based in Panama.

At M&C, we're all about making your Real Estate process smooth and transparent. We take pride in doing things right, with a big heart for social responsibility and ethical practices. Our approach is built on trust and a solid reputation, ensuring you feel secure and supported as you plan for buying or selling property in Panama.

Lourdes Miranda

Director - Partner

Juan Contreras

Director - Partner

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We can organize the logistics to get started without your presence.

Whether you are buying or selling, our office will review the property to ensure that the documents are in good order for the sale or purchase. This is due diligence and is included in our fees.

We would like to take you by the hand in all stages of the process, providing guidance and reviewing it before you sign any document to guarantee a pleasant experience. Our service includes due diligence, a report that includes information about present and future taxes, liens, and other important information; consultations; communication with the parties; drafting/review of transaction documents; assistance in all stages; and advice and guidance until the transaction is completed.

We will provide a personalized quote that addresses your needs, including all expenses and legal fees, before starting representation.


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